Apr 13 2008

2008 Fly Fishing Film Festival

Well, it’s that time again. The Rise film festival is making the rounds again. If previous shows are anything to go by, this one will be a cracker again.

The press release says …

“RISE – Fly Fishing Film Festival has become the premier event on fly fishers calendars across three countries and two continents. In April 2008 the film tour will start in Dunedin and play over 35 shows over two months circumnavigating New Zealand and Australia. The two hour show comprises of the best fly fishing entertainment available from around the world. This year’s winner of the Fly Shorts – Short Film Competition will open the festival at each screening. The competition is open to the general public and always produces some exceptional short films.

The films will be an interesting blend of exotic and local fly fishing focusing on adventure, story telling and humour – all brought to life on the big screen.”

The films featured in 2008 include The Search – Tahiti, Fishizzle and Green Tide. The list of venues is available on the gin-clear website here,

I’ll see you there

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Feb 19 2008

Mud Sucking Bottom Feeders

No, they arent politicians, though they do have a lot in common :)

Since the alpine streams are a bit of a hike from here, we sometimes find it necessary to spend some time on water closer to home. Trout are a little scarce on my home water, but carp are plentiful and they are quite sizable. Now before I get an inbox full of hate mail from Carp fanatics asking why I don’t release them, I have to say that European Carp are a declared noxious pest in Australia. Where as in some states anglers are legally obliged to destroy the fish, in NSW we are not legally obliged to do so. That being said, we are strongly encouraged to destroy them, and thus no carp are returned to the water alive.

This guy is 70cm long, 10lb in weight and delicately sipped a bread fly off the surface :). There are some additional pics in the gallery.

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Feb 03 2008

New Look

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I've spent this evening updating the look of the site to something a little different. I've also updated the format of the image gallery to something a little more slick.

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Jan 16 2008

New Aussie Rodmakers Group

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Just to let folks know, we have created a new Google Group dedicated to Bamboo Rodmaking in Australia. The aim of the group is to provide a forum where Aussies can share their knowledge (and ask silly questions without fear of ridicule). The group is called Oz Bamboo and everyone is welcome to join. You can subscribe using the link below

Google Groups
Subscribe to Oz Bamboo

Visit this group

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Dec 19 2007


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A few years back I was given an old rod as a gift. It was in pretty good condition for it’s age, however one of the ferrules was loose and fishing with it was not an option, so I decided to completely refurbish it.

After months of messing about, the restoration is now complete. It was completely stripped back, the original cork was cleaned and the ferrule was repaired. The original guides were retained, including a gorgeous agate stripper and tip top. The wraps are Pearsall’s gossamer in Cardinal and Highland Green (including approximately 120 intermediate wraps) and the finish is 3 coats of spar (the rod was dipped after wrapping).

Looking forward to a few nice outings this season. Should be fun.

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